The members of the academy have expertise to develop mathematical models, simulate and develop software packages in Physical Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences and Mechanical Systems etc. The following projects have been completed or are in progress by the members of the academy.

Development of Mathematical Model and software for a system in free flight

  • Regional Modeling for forecasting of Upper Air Wind Field
  • Astrophysical problems
  • Origin of universe
  • Particle physics and gravitational waves
  • Science and spirituality
  • Atmospheric Boundary layer Modeling
  • Quantitative Precipitation Forecast
  • Atmospheric Circulation Modeling
  • Rheological Modeling of Polymeric Fluids
  • Interplanetary Trajectory Modeling
  • Smog Modeling etc.


  • To enhance and promote the application of Mathematical Modelling and Computer simulation in industrial and applicable areas
  • To conduct need based courses
  • To organize and promote research in appropriate areas
  • To assist members to liaise with Industry and Academic Institutions
  • To establish cooperation with other Indian and International Academic and Industrial bodies
  • To identify front line areas for our country in the subject of interests
  • To organize national and international level seminars / conferences / workshop in the areas of interest
  • To establish consultancy services at centres approved by the executive committee
  • To print and publish such material as to promote the objectives of the academy


  • To establish and constitute an Institute of Applicable Mathematics.
  • To publish a journal of Applicable Mathematics


Academy receives enquiries from teaching and research Institutes to advise and provide staff in applicable mathematics for Ad-hoc jobs in their institutions. The academy desires to prepare a data bank for needy students for the purpose. Students may contact at our E-mail address.

Academy has conducted following types of programmes

General Talks

  • Mathematical Models in econometrics : Inaugural lecture by Dr. AP Kulkarni
  • Intelligent Life in Universe” by Dr. SM Chitre
  • Mathematical Models in Climate Change by Professor G. C. Asnani
  • Technology and innovation by Shri. KB Pande
  • “Managing Corporate Sector in 21st Century” by Shri. Shashank Date
  • “Modern Science and ancient philosophy” by Dr. VG Bhide
  • “Finite element techniques to advanced practical problems. Dr. Ramesh Gopalkrishnan
  • Chemistry, Mathematics and Computers by Dr. SG Gadre
  • Education :An approach in the Millenium by Dr. A. D. Tillu


  • Exponential equation, wave disturbances in harbour areas & summetry Lie algebra for wave equation.
  • Wavelets and algorithms
  • Neural network, grid generation, self excited oscillations
  • Current moods: Information technology
  • Scope of Mathematics today
  • Multimedia technology for education

Job Oriented Courses

Academy conducts job oriented but analytical courses for Teaching and Research Institutions, Industries, NGO’s and Governmental Organizations. Academy has successfully completed and has capacity of organizing courses in the areas such as

  • Finite Element Techniques
  • Design of Experiments
  • Stability and Analysis of Vibrations
  • Weather Modeling
  • Bio-fluid Dynamics
  • Systems Analysis
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Celestial Mechanics
  • Modeling and Simulation


Members of the Academy provide consultancy to societies and Industries including governmental Organizations in the area of Space Physics, Space Plasma, Aerosol Studies, Free Flight and Constrained Motion, Atmospheric Science, Applied Mechanics, Applicable Mathematics, Numerical Computations.

Research Guidance

Research in applicable mathematics consisting of mathematical modeling, solutions and simulation in the gray areas is the key to guidance.