DATE OF BIRTH – 29th April 1933



RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS – Kusum Kunja,83/1, Sarang Society,PUNE 41 1 009,INDIA,Tel: 24222914

Professor Tulshiram Hari Date was born in illiterate farmers family in village Pimple, Taluka Purandhar, Dist.Pune, Maharashtra, India. Educated in Wardha Rastriya Shala,Pimpale,M.E.S. High school,Saswad,N.Wadia College,Pune,Pune University,Pune. 

Worked as a lecturer in C.Wadia Instute of Technology,M.E.S. college pune, Pune,Shivaji University,Kolhapur.Reader in Pune University,Pune, Principal,Dound College,Dound,Visiting Scientist,TIFR,Mumbai Professor,Tilak Chair,Pune University,Pune .Director,Bhaskarachary  Pratishthan,Pune. Chancellors Nominy of Pune Unlversity and Shivaji University.

At present: Director of ARJ Asia Company and President,IAIAM,Pune.

Research: IIT,Powai, TIFR, Mumbai, Shivaji University,  Kolhapur .Guided M.Phil. and  Ph.D. students. Published  research papers in National and International journals. Participated and organized National and International conferences,seminars and workshops.Research Projects: Executed projects in Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai and UGC, Delhi.

Visits: Various research institutes, universities and industries in India,Europe,USA,Canada and Japan.

Social Work: During pre-independence took part in the freedom movement since he studied in National School .Got patronage of Yashavanraoji Chavan,Shankarraoji Dev,Vinobaji,Sane Guruji,Apte Guruji,Nilubhau Limaye , S.M. Joshi and Karmvir Bhaurao Patil.

His house (Date Wada) was donated to Kasturba trust.

In Shivaji University he worked as a secretary of National Integration Comity ,secretary of Teachers forum and Executive of earn and learn scheme.


  • Founder President of. Indian Academy of Industriai and Applicable Mathematics, Pune (IAIAM)
  • Director of  ARJ ASIA, Pune


  • Professor, Lokmanya Tilak Chair for Mathematics, University of Pune
  • Professor, Department of Space Science, University of Pune,Founder member of the department
  • Honorary Director Bhaskaracharya pratishtan,Mathematical research institute, Pune
  • Principal,Daund taluka arts and commerce college,Founder member
  • Reader in mathematics, University of Pune
  • Visiting scientist in Tata Institute of Fundamental Research [TIFR], Bombay
  • Lecturer, M.E.S college, [Garware College], Pune
  • Lecturer, Sir Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology, Pune


  • Indian Mathematical Society [IMS]
  • Indian Association of General Relativity and Gravitation [IAGRG]
  • Academy of Progress of Mathematics [APM], Banaras
  • Jotirvidya Parishad [JVP], Pune
  • Indian Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics [ISIAM]
  • Indian Academy of Industrial and Applicable Mathematics [IAIAM]
  • Astronomical Society of India [ASI]


  • International society of General Relativity and Gravitation [GR]
  • Indian Science Congress


  • Guided MPhil & PhD. in Shivaji University, Kolhapur and University of Pune
  • Research Work on Reiativistic Magnetohydrodynamics [RMHD] Pioneering work done by Noble Laureate Late Prof. S. Chandrashekhar is extended with his help. Dr. Date promoted this important field of research. Prof. L. Radhakrishna and Late Prof. V. V. Naralkar guided him for Ph.D.
  • Conducted research in Collaboration with Astrophysics Group,TIFR, Bombay, Published research papers with Professor S. M. Chitre [TIFR. Bombay], Professor  M. H. Gokhale [IIA, Banglore], Professor  GG Asgekar [Shivaji University], Professor   L.N Katkar [Shivaji University]
  • Participated in number of National and international Conferences, Symposiums and Schools
  • Organised conferences, Symposiums, Schools and Refreshers courses in GRG and Mathematics
  • Executed research projects supported by University Grants Commission & Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences
  • Published research papers in National and intentional Journals


  • Attended Prestigious Einstein’s Birth Centenary conference GR-9 and presented paper' on RMHD, Friendrich Schiller University, JENA, near ULM, Birth Place or Einstein, East -Germany, World renowned Relativists were present, Dr . Kip Thorne discussed and gave suggestions for  publication of the work,Prof Zeloriz also appreciated my work
  • Institute det Theoretische Physik, BERN  Switzertand , Prof A. Held, Editor of international GRG-Journal, invited to work on Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics
  • Observatoire de Paris, France, Worked in collaboration with Professor B. Carter
  • University of  London, England. Worked in collaboration with Prof. W. B. Boner on exact solution of Einstein Equations
  • City University, London. Worked with Prof. J. N. Islam on Relativistic charged dust
  • Cambridge University, England. Got opportunity to discuss with Prof. Stephen Hawking on Quantum Gravity and Black Holes
  • Attended GR-11 held at Stockholm, Sweden and presented paper on Universe filled with Magneto fluid
  • International Center of Theoretical Physics; Trieste, Italy, Noble Laureate Prof. Abdas d Salan: was kind enough to hold discussions on research in Astrophysics. He had shown keen interest in research in Indian Universities
  • Gauss observatory, Gottingen, West Germany. Prof. Heins, Director and Prof. Man Echart held discussions on modem developments in Mathematics
  • Attended Prestigious Marshal Grosman conference at Kyoto, Japan and presented paper on parallel transport in a RMHD
  • Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan. Worked with Prof. Mary on quantum gravity.Discussed about collaboration between University of Pune & Nagoya University.Exchange of students between two universities is enhanced by the visit
  • Number of Universities in USA and Canada for conferences,seminars and discussions


Worked as :

  • Secretary of the Shivaji University Teachers Forum. Patron was Vice-chancellor
  • Secretary and Treasurer of National Integration Community of Shivaji University
  • Member of the “Earn and Learn Scheme" of Shivaji University
  • Member of various committees of Shivaji University and University of Pune
  • Chancellor’s Nominee : Member of Senate of the Shivaji University and the University of Pune


  • Born in an illiterate and economically backward family. Orphan since five years of age.
  • Completed primary education in “Wardha Rashtriya Shala" a school run be freedom fighters like Kulkami Guruji, Apte Guruji , Achary Bhagwat and Shankarroaji Deo at Pimpale, Taluka Purandhar, District Pune
  • Dr. Date’s house was donated to a school and was used by freedom fighters for the various activities during pre-independence period


  • International Biographical Association [IBA.] , England, has awarded a certificate of ‘ recognition of distinguish achievement which are recorded in the International WHO’S WHO of Intellectuals
  • American Biographical Institute, [INC] also recognized esteemed standing of Dr. Date within society. This is an exceptional honour of Intellectuals
  • Dr. Date worked with all sincerity and atmost devotion for the uplift of the student community. He took active interest in various social welfare programmes like Shramadan Activities and Earn and Learn Scheme since he himself has gone through activities during his education. He is a firm believer in academic democracy and is keenly aware of the necessities sharing fruits of education with the masses particularly amidst the rural areas where he began with his career
  • He is self—made and was awarded Government open Merit scholarship throughout his college and University education
  • Presently, he has been awarded the prestigious position of President – IAIAM where his sole objective will be to promote Mathematics in a very applicable and constructive manner consisting of Analyzing Mathematical manpower and Employment opportunities in Industries, Trade, Commerce, Business by virtue of which there shall be a significant contribution in developing and moulding the fast growing industrialization‘ due to the liberalized economy presented by our Nation


  • His interest is in Science and Spirituality and working with zeal to coordinate these fields through IAIAM, presenting papers in various National and International Conferences, Symposiums and Seminars
  • Co—ordination of Science and Spirituality, published paper on “In search of Ultimate Reality in Mathematics, Physics. Quantum Physics, Metaphysics and Biophysics.” Giving invited talks on “Science, Values and Vision.”


  • Ramakrishna Math, Pune, India
  • Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari, India.
  • Spiritual applications Research Centre (SPARC) Academy for a Better world. The Prajapita Brahma Kumaris lshwariya Vishwa VidyaIaya. Mount  Abu, India.
  • World Peace Centre, MAEER’S MIT, Pune, India Rights, Democracy, Peace &  Tolerance
  • Association of Science, Society and Religion (ASSR), Pune, India
  • Saint Namdev Adhyasan, University of Pune, Pune, India
  • Punyadham Asram, Pune, India
  • Shrutisagar Asram, Pune, India
  • Centre of Advanced studies in Sanskrit, University of Pune,  India

Visit to Stephen Hawking (Cambridge)

On behalf of IAIAM Prof.T.H.Date,President of IAIAM participated inGeneral Relativity (GR21) conference held on July 11-15,2016 at Columbia University,New York on new findings of the Gravitational Waves detected by LIGO experiment.Prof. Kip Thorne successfully executed this experiment.He is well known for his Research on GW. Dr.Date has guided Ph.D. Students on GW for which Prof.Kip helped since 1970 AD to date.On behalf of IAIAM Dr.Date extended invitation to him and he agreed to visit Pune in January,2018.Dr.Date's Ph.D. student prof. L.N. Katkar,Head of the Dept. of Maths. who got Young Scientists Award for GR research and his Ph.D.student attended GR21.Conference photos with Prof. Kip are attached.

Dr. Date is very much involved in science, technology and values from his young age.He advocates science and spirituality. In search of the Ultimate Truth he is associated with various cults and cultures.He has given expositions in science and spirituality in number of conferences, published articles in journals and guided Ph.D. students in this topic. He is associated with Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth,Pune ,JDV Centure for Science-Religion Studies,Pune,Ramkrishna Math,Vivekananda Kendra, Spiritual Application Research Centre of Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya,Sant Namdev Adhyasan of University of Pune ,Centre of Advanced Studies in Sanskrit,University of Pune and Academy of Comparative Philosophy and Religion,Belgaum. He is follower of Gurudev Ranade. He received Honors from these centres.IAIAM is associated with these Centres of knowledge.